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Homemade small batch condiments

Hand-crafted, savory, & zesty.

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From the streets of Haiti, with love.

While the origin of “Pikliz” (pronounced “pick-lees“) historically remains unknown, this spicy meal garnishment represents the regional, ethnic, and national identity of Haitians living in Haiti and abroad. Basically, this bright and rather fiery condiment is as traditional as it gets. It is commonly served with meats and fried food to balance rich flavors.

Some even eat it by itself…

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WARNING: You will get addicted.

Why choose ChezKolo?


Our commitment to quality ensures that every jar bursts with the vibrant flavors of freshly chopped vegetables and authentic Haitian spices.


Our condiments are made with more love and attention than your friend’s overly dramatic breakup texts. Small-batch production ensures each jar packs flavors.


Experience the true taste of the island of Haiti. Hell, you’ll practically hear the quintessential Caribbean waves and feel the warm island breeze.