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Chez Kolo partners with Haitian chocolatiers at Askanya

Chocolatier at Akanya

In an unexpected union that mirrors the serendipity of peanut butter meeting chocolate, the worlds of sweet indulgence and spicy zest collide as two distinctive black-owned businesses embark on a flavorful journey together. This is not the pairing one would expect.

A match made in… the dining room?

During a casual evening indulging in our homemade Kremas, we stumbled upon a box of Askanya’s Mix & Match bite-size chocolates. The delightful taste fusion brought to mind the joyous discovery of peanut butter and chocolate – unexpected yet utterly delicious. Inspired, we swiftly reached out to our friends at Askanya, brainstorming ideas, one of which was to share their ethically crafted chocolates with our devoted fans. Brace yourselves for a tantalizing treat! While the finer points of our partnership are still in the works, and with Valentine’s Day approaching, we’re excited to offer you an exclusive discount on Askanya’s diverse chocolate offerings. Take 15% off your entire order by using code “KOLO15” at checkout. Also, be on the lookout for a special coupon included in all your future purchases on our website.

Speaking of chocolates

Askanya is the brainchild of Corinne Joachim-Sanon, a proud Haitian who, since the age of 14, felt called upon to give back to her country. After her career spaned across several industries including engineering, technology, pharmaceutical, and beauty, she made opening The Chocolatiers at Askanya a reality.

Growing up in Haiti, I was aware of the poverty and lack of financial opportunities many people around me were dealing with. As a teenager, I was already resolved not to just do charity, but to create jobs.”
— Corinne Joachim-Sanon

Askanya’s chocolates are made from nothing but the finest ethically sourced and all-natural ingredients. So rest assured, when you buy our Askanya Chocolates, you buy 100% natural, additive-free, and preservative-free chocolates. At Chez Kolo, this is the kind of value we can stand behind. Read more about their origin story and happy shopping.


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